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At Eva Carlston, we utilize several different types of activities that best fit our unique population of students. Recreational activities have proven to be beneficial in a myriad of ways for all age groups. It creates an environment that allows a safe space for healing and moving forward. Identifying its benefits can make everyone more aware of how it aids our students and others who may be looking to implement it.

What are Recreational Activities?

It allow its participants to explore their interests. It also provides an outlet of release for emotional and mental thoughts that may be pent up. Some activities may include dance, painting, crafting, music, art, and more! Recreational activities tend to the needs of the participant and tailors the activities to what best suits them. It’s geared towards several different aspects of someone’s well being including emotional, physical, and mental.


The true purpose will greatly depend on the reasons someone is participating in it. In general, though, it is used to improve communication skills, self worth, confidence, problem solving skills, emotional regulation, processing, and much more. By using certain activities it allows people to channel their thoughts and feelings through another source. Though it’s usually used in the field of mental health it can also benefit those who are going through physical ailments as well, as it improves someone’s overall wellbeing. Recreational activities open up levels of communication not only with the participant but with other support people as well.

Benefits of Recreational Activities

The benefits are seemingly endless, and depending on the situation in which one seeks help, it can truly heal multiple parts. The connection between mind and body can be a powerful one, and it’s one of many aspects that recreational activities focus on. The activities in recreational activities aren’t just hobbies to have fun with (though this is a plus) it is specifically tailored to the group or individual to be therapeutic in nature and overall provide an environment that is ideal for activities.

Many state that it can help with:

  • Reducing depression and stress.
  • Reducing anxiety.
  • Improves functional independence after an injury.
  • Recovers basic motor functioning/reasoning.
  • Builds confidence.
  • Strengthens social connections.
  • Increases self esteem.
  • Increases strength and physical fitness.

All of these qualities and impact that it has on the individual is one of the reasons Eva Carlston Academy advocates for it. Our students actively participate in a variety of recreational activities from dance to journaling, all of which are accompanied with group and individual activities sessions. Implementing different recreational activities techniques can truly help people heal from past trauma and overall become more self aware.

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